Welcome to Mark Miller Portfolio page

Welcome to my own portfolio, my name is Mark Miller I am 25 years old. I am 5'9, if height is requirement. I graduated from the state of Virginia back in June of 2005 from Thomas Dale High School with the Senior with the Best Sense of Humor award.

I am really laid back kind of guy but I can be really motivated as well, im not at all violent or threatful type person neither do I take steroids, smoke, do drugs, or drink im just straight edge all the way. I have no criminal records, i am just clean.

I do love working and during times im off im learning something else which I am a major in computers or other things and if you click at the links you will see what all I can do with computers other then building this portfolio.

I am currently attending Colorado Technical University to do some online classes to get degree in Bachelors Science Information Technology. I have a lot of experience that I was taught by my brother that is an A+ Certified Technician & Networking and relating to this portfolio which also means I know web design as well.

Currently im trying learn how to drive I am really flexible as in agility, and I can take jobs on the bus route or 5 miles from the bus route at the very most otherwise I would need a carpool (If your coming from Tri-Cities) (some places). If job is outside Richmond Weekends off.